A few members from the Windhoist team will be representing the business at this year’s WindEurope Summit, hosted in Hamburg, Germany; Lynn and Jeremy will be attending the prestigious event which is the world’s largest wind energy conference.

The WindEurope Summit is a global industrial hub for the wind energy sector featuring some of the world’s most prominent new energy thought leaders and politicians. The event will showcase some solutions that are imperative to delivering a cost effective and efficient energy transition. The team are looking forward to developing their knowledge and networking with the vast range of people in the wind energy industry.

The event will commence 27th – 29th September with our HSE Advisor, Dominic Murphy leading a presentation on the ‘Best Practice in Crane Transport, Rigging and De-rigging on site’.

For more information on Dominic’s presentation and the full event visit here. Through this page, you can share the presentation information on various social media platforms.

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