At the Windhoist Training Centre, we are proud to offer a fully comprehensive range of training courses designed to increase the knowledge and confidence of the learner. Our height training courses are curated to you or your team’s specific requirements.

We offer RenewableUK and Global Wind Organization approved Basic Safety Training courses such as Working at Height & Rescue, First Aid, Fire Awareness, & Manual Handling.

Upon completion of our courses, attendants will receive knowledge of:
  • The hazards and risks associated with working at height, specific to wind turbine generators.Height Training Courses
  • PPE identification –  including identification of European/Global standard markings e.g. harness, helmet, lanyards etc.
  • The use of the relevant PFPE e.g. harness, lanyards, vertical fall arresters and work positioning equipment.
  • Identifying anchor points and correct ladder conduct.
  • Safe evacuation procedure and use of evacuation devices.
  • Rescue situations in wind turbine generators and use of rescue equipment efficiently.

For more information regarding our height training courses, call us on 01294 204860 or contact us here.