GWO Instructor Robbie Rafferty

Our top GWO Training instructor, Robbie Rafferty has enjoyed a wonderful career within the NHS, helping and caring for hundreds of patients. It was in 2018 he decided to take a career change, Robbie always been extremely passionate about renewable energy and Robbie decided he wanted to train as wind turbine technician.

Robbie joined Windhoist and the rest is history. Robbie brings a wealth of knowledge to the Training Centre. Robbie’s knowledge of Turbine Installation is exemplary from his time on site.

Meet the Team - Robbie Rafferty

“What do I enjoy most about working at Windhoist Training Centre? Being part of a hardworking and diverse team. It was always my dream to work within renewable energy and I would like to think I am playing a significant part for a cleaner future.”

Fun facts about Robbie Rafferty:

Loves cooking vegetarian cuisine, essential oils, wax melts and is a keen traveller.

Dislikes vacuuming, excessive plastic packaging and not getting his favourite seat in his local pub.

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