Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Introduction to Safe Use


The aims of this course are to give participants the necessary basic knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical training to safely conduct pre-use checks, interim user inspections, fitting, use, maintenance and record keeping of personal protective equipment and personal fall arrest equipment.

This exciting training course is designed to meet your organisation’s needs by preparing candidates with an introduction to use and inspect all aspects of PPE utilised in industry.


After Completion of the course the delegate will have achieved skills and basic knowledge about:

  • Current legislation and equipment standards.
  • Appropriate selection, identification, maintenance and storage of equipment.
  • Pre-use checks and interim user inspection of equipment and the production of appropriate written reports.
  • Damage & wear analysis and disposal procedures for damaged PPE.
  • Standard Personal Protective Equipment to include:
    • High-visibility
    • Hearing protection
    • Eye protection
    • Hand protection
    • Safety footwear
  • PPEaf – Personal Protective Equipment against Falls to include:
    • Harness
    • Fall arrest lanyards
    • Work positioning ropes
    • Helmets


There are no formal admission requirements though the course is recommended for:

  • Operators and supervisors working with Personal Protective Equipment and Fall Protection Equipment.
  • Wind Turbine Installation & Maintenance personnel.
  • Personnel working in building, construction, fabrication, general engineering, automotive workshops and maintenance departments.
  • Anyone currently wearing PPE or with a desire to learn to do so safely.
  • Individuals looking to enter the Energy sector.

* To gain maximum benefit from this course, applicants should have pre-course experience in the use of a range of Personal Fall Protection Equipment.


PPE – Introduction to Safe Use training course – Half Day


During training delegates are expected to provide their own Safety Boots!

All other PPE will be provided.

Course Cost

£100 Excluding VAT



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